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Throughout 2018, we three souls have worked continually on improving electrosparkles.com by going that extra mile to demonstrate that everybody can be inspired to learn about practical scientific things: from the workings of vintage lamps, to radiation and Geiger counters – all practical, non-jargon features which have been aimed at ordinary folk like us and which one day could come in very handy!

The website is uniquely placed as a sort of Nano Wiki platform (but much more personal) where, once approved, contributors are welcome to post your scientific ideas on the website, so that the rest of us can benefit from your valuable input.

For example, many people in Africa still rely on Primus stoves to cook food and boil water. This has frequently resulted in life-threatening burns, especially when lighting their primus stoves. Have a look on our feature about a simple “electric start” device, which aims to conquer this nasty problem.

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