Pinhead Arcwork: Unique, imaginative, beautiful and weird electrical arcs

Concept invented and developed by Dorian Stonehouse (November 2018)

WELCOME to the World of pinhead arcwork.

The phenomenon you are about to view consists of unique, imaginative, beautiful and weird electrical arcs created across a 4mm air gap and captured through a microscope.

The high voltage was generated by a simple step-up circuit.

I hope you Enjoy:

Up where we belong:

I dismantled my digital camera and removed the dichroic filter (hot mirror), so the camera now sees the entire infrared and ultraviolet spectrum

Check out the omega symbol which appears on the wing of this great bird:

Sometimes it’s great fun reading into things!

Viewed from a distance, many see floating figures or a lady reclining!

Picture this creature lurking at the bottom of a garden pool:

Check out Harry Grindell Matthews and his Death Ray (my father used to assist Grindell in his lab):

Notice the feet which appear at the bottom right of the picture:

By increasing and decreasing the voltage to the step-up transformer, and altering the angle of the pins, it is possible to vary the coherence and shape of the arc.

It then becomes possible to create different images

♬ and now, the end is near…and so I face the final curtain ♬ 

Dear Visitors

I hope you have enjoyed this feature on arcwork (the directing of electrical arcs to produce images). If so, I would be most grateful if you would let your friends, colleagues and acquaintances know about the feature, so that they too can enjoy the phenomenon.

Thank you


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