By Dorian Stonehouse

Here are a few of my thoughts. They might appear rather philosophical, but I believe that they are nothing more than what each of us believes – deep within:

On gravity created by a gyroscope: If we stand on the inside wall of a huge gyroscope in motion, we stick to the surface.  Should we decide to jump on the spot, the spot where we stood would disappear beneath our feet, as we would no longer be in synchronisation with the surface. This is two-dimensional gravity.  

On gravity created on Earth: When we stand on Earth, we stick to the surface. Should we decide to jump on the spot, the spot where we stood does not disappear beneath our feet, as we are still in synchronisation with the surface.  This is three-dimensional gravity – it affects us on the surface of Earth and in the space immediately above the surface.

Requirements for gravity – the arc:

The arc is prerequisite in the making of both two-dimensional and three-dimensional gravity: 

A rapidly rotating arc simultaneously
throws mass forward; bends back on itself, so throws mass backwards; goes sideways. Each component is a component of arc – each ingredient is crucial in making up the entire cake

Invisible arcs and Newton’s third law: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction . But how do space rockets work – in space?

“NASA says this principle is easy to observe on Earth. If you stand on a skateboard and throw a bowling ball forward, that force will push you and the skateboard back.” Quoted here:

The trouble with “principles” is that they are easy to observe, and then (in fear of being ridiculed) are accepted by all; yet they bring with them nagging doubts… for they are often impossible to visualise!

To create three-dimensional (volumetric gravity) as is the case on planet Earth, the attracting mass will possess a vortex (a stack of gyroscopes) – moving from A to Z (see directly below)…

…While the attracted mass will have a vortex of its own, but will be weaker.

The vortex created by mass is not a conventional vortex – a vortex in air or water; but is a vortex in space surrounding the mass.  This twisting of space surrounding Earth mass is called gravity.

If the mass at “A” in the above diagram is X distance away from Z (the centre of Earth), this mass begins to accelerate as it travels in the vortex from “A” to “Z.”

Just like a piece of soap that is sucked down by the whirlpool that is created when we pull the bath plug out, as the whirlpool wall gets narrower the gyroscopes turn faster. Or, as the mass hits Earth (say point “Z”), it is travelling at much greater speed relative to its speed at point “A.”

On emperor’s new clothes:  it’s high time somebody stood up and told that buffoon that he is stark naked!  

The empiricist externalises scientific concepts by way of observing repeatable laws and theories, while the visualist internalises scientific concepts, creating a volumetric mental image…

…Which one would you prefer to operate on your brain?

There is no such thing as a good or bad choice. They are all good choices that sometimes just turn out bad!

They call it “the God particle” because they haven’t discovered yet what it’s made of!

On the theory of opposites:  Mass comes in different densities. Therefore, to provide balance, space must also come in different densities:   thick space, thin space and waves of different space

There is no such thing as infinity… it’s all just a bending back of continuity!

To truly understand creation, it might be wise to concentrate first on destruction, for the former is built on the later!

Quantum theory is meant to frighten away the masses…and it’s doing a damn good job of it too!

Newton’s third law: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”… makes me wonder how people can move at all

Human beings are totally immersed in nothing, yet understand nothing about nothing!

Convention is the glue that binds together… blockheads!

Consider not the stars and planets, but the gap in-between, for therein lies absolute knowledge

Anybody care to add their own thoughts to the list? Please feel free to do so!